GROUP PRICE: Interactive Bespoke Avatar.  Subscription 24 mths @ €200 each

GROUP PRICE: Interactive Bespoke Avatar. Subscription 24 mths @ €200 each

€800 per month for 24 months. Shared among 4 monthly subscribers.

This Starter Package includes the following:


  1. please see the Tech Specs section below for specifics on the hardware to be provided by the customer/licensee (a flat screen, tablet or PC screen, a PC tower, a microphone & internet)
  2. AI BaaS will create the avatar once we have received the key points for the bot brain from the customer (a simple one pager needs to be completed eg. language, messages, PR activity)
  3. the customer must select a template avatar from the options provided by AI BaaS
  4. the interactive bot can be place in your reception, shop doorway or an outside position for After Hours servicing of your customers' Frequently Asked Questions (up to 20 FAQs are included in this Starter Package).
  5. a customer hotline and maintenance via video conference call is available for the 24 months free of charge during normal working hours.  Support can be easily booked via our online schedule.

Subscription 24 mths @ €800   CONDITONS & TECH SPECS:

  1. standard LED flat screen, a tablet or a PC screen
  2. must have a browser open in Google Chrome
  3. the customer/licensee to provide the Wifi and/or internet cable
  4. the customer must provide a unidirectional microphone attached to the screen via the PC tower
  5. where the customer does not have a PC tower to run the screen from, then AI BaaS will provide a mini PC at the one off cost of €300 which then remains their property.

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